Tips For Choosing The Right Handbag

Every woman knows that no outfit is complete without accessories, especially a handbag. Ladies handbags are fashionable yet functional accessories that aside from being a storage solution for carrying all your essentials, they can accent your attire.

But like clothing, not every handbag suits every occasion. Casual bags for example, are hardly suitable for dressy occasions. To choose the right bag for each event you need to take into account various factors such as the event, the outfit you are going to wear, the different styles available at ladies handbags Australia retailers, what size bag you need, and possible ways to reuse a bag.


1. Consider the Event

From black-tie galas and high school dances to nights out at clubs and all kinds of situations in between, they are all considered dressy occasions. Hence, running into a ladies handbags Australia store and buying the first bag that looks good is a huge mistake.

Have in mind the environment. Is it an event where a bag can be set down for a while or you will be carrying it the whole night? A shoulder strap bag model is a comfortable choice for a night out at a club while a clutch may be a greater option to a luncheon. Keep glitz and glamor for nighttime affairs and something chic and sophisticated for formal occasions.

2. Explore Design Options

There are many different styles of evening bags available at ladies handbags Australia retailers. From envelope bags to clutches and wristlets, you should definitely take a look at the different options available.

Some handbag styles can feature a convertible design, which allow you to transform a strapped handbags into a clutch when you need. A handbag that serves multiple purposes is a great functional option.

hanbags fashion3. Determine How Much Storage You Need

Usually, evening bags are not very large. Actually, they are designed to hold only a few essentials. So, before making your final decision, make sure the bag offers enough space for what you might need.

4. Complement The Outfit

Remember the old rule: ‘Colors do not have to be perfectly matched’. Thus, instead of looking for a vibrant red purse to match the same dress hue, choose a neutral color like a back or a cream purse. Complement green with blue, contrast purple and yellow, and also match print fabrics to solid colors.

Your body type can also play a role in choosing a handbag. Plus-size women may seem larger with a too-tiny bag. On the other hand, petite women can seem diminished by larger bags.

5. Consider Reusing the Bag

If you are a woman who rarely frequent dressy occasions, you should invest in a handbag that can match different outfits and be reused for various occasions. When it comes to color, try to choose something versatile like a little black purse which works well with the majority of outfits. Light cream, gray, and white colors also make a great choice for semi-formal events.


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