Fun Drinking Games for Two People Only

If you’re interested to have something new and fun in your relationship, playing drinking games for two people only can be the right thing! Crazy good times are bound to happen, plus you and your partner shall have fond memories to recall upon as well as cool stories about your experience to tell. Explore our favorite drinking games for two people only. We’re guaranteeing that you’ll have the best time ever!


This is quite the straightforward game it doesn’t get any easier than this. You’ll only need a deck of cards, one of you will be the dealer and the other will guess if the next dealt card will be higher or lower from the previously drawn card. If the player guesses right the dealer drinks, if the guess is wrong the other player drinks.


Maybe one of the most popular drinking games for two people, the drinking game War differs from the standard War card game with the alcohol as the only distinction. You divide the deck of cards equally to both players, at each turn you both turn the top card of your decks. Each time when it comes to war (same cards), the one who has the lower card drinks the equal amount of difference in fingers. For example, if you have a six and your partner has a four, he/she will have to drink two fingers up against the glass of the drink. So, be careful of what you choose to drink, you see, being totally drunk or having a headache won’t be that much fun. Pick a drink which your stomach will tolerate and allow you to enjoy the real fun.

Drunken Uno:

Drunken Uno is a modification of the popular card game Uno, with a bottle of (or dozen) alcohol on the table. We can only say the name of the game serves it right and the rules are as follows. Every time the opponent plays a reverse card or your turn is skipped, you drink, if the opponent changes the color you take a shot. Until you draw a card you can play when drawing cards from the stack, you take a drink for each card you have drawn. If you do not succeed to call Uno with one card left in your hand, then you’ll have to draw 5 cards and take 5 shots. The winner is the first one who calls Uno. Either way the loser might feel victorious too after so many drinks.

We hope you and your partner enjoyed our drinking games for couples, we ask one thing only from you, please drink responsibly and don’t drive under the influence of alcohol in any circumstance!


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