Drinking Games With Shots and Cards – Bluff Me

Today, we are presenting you one of the best drinking games with shots there is, known to the alcohol enthusiasts as “Bluff Me”.

drinking games with shots

Bluffing is certainly more fun when played with some alcohol in veins. This is one of those easy drinking games with shots and cards that involves a lot of drinking, playing and bluffing, of course. Each player is dealt with 5 cards and all of the remaining cards are laid on the table. Each card on the table is equal to 2 fingers of your drinks. Then in turns, the dealer turns over any card of the table. Players check if the reveled card has the same value as a card of their hand. If a player has, he/she can nominate 2 fingers to another player. But as the name of the game indicates, bluffing is allowed, which means the players don’t have to be honest. When you believe that you are being bluffed just to take a drink, you can say “Bluff Me”, so that the other player must show the card. If you were right about the bluffing, the player who was bluffing drinks double – 4 fingers of the drink. In case you were wrong about the bluffing, you drink 4 fingers of the drink. The game ends when all cards on the table have been turned over.

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