Funny and Lovely Good Morning SMS for Girlfriend

When feeling a little bit naughty in the morning the right thing to do is spread that positive energy with your girlfriend. Here are some good morning SMS for girlfriend ideas that can help you with this particular situation:

good morning sms for girlfriend

Send Her a Sexy Picture of Yourself
A visual capture is the best projection of your naughty intentions, so why not sending her some SMS containing an inviting picture which will clearly say what you want to say. Warning, though, please don’t send nudes, it’s not classy and plus you don’t want those picture circling around do you? Instead, send her a picture where you are biting stretching your muscles and doing some workout. If she wants more, tell her to come and get it, there that should grab her attention.

Tell Her What You Want to Do to Her or What You Want Her to Do to You
Now this is the most fun and one of the spiciest ways to ensure he will wait for your next encounter eagerly. You will drive her crazy if you point out what you want to do to her. Women adore when men are the initiators and know what they want. Furthermore, she won’t stop thinking about that sexy good morning SMS, and what awaits her, when he sees you next. Tell her about the things you enjoy and wait until his imagination unfolds. Leave her in sweet despair describing what you’re going to do to her, do not finish the message entirely let her fill the blanks.

Take some risks, have fun and get her excited with sending a combination of these sexy good morning SMS for girlfriend. For example, you can test her by sending one text. If you get a playful respond, that’s a sure confirmation that she is interested. You can continue with a multiple of the aforementioned texts and see where it leads you, use these methods wisely and with caution, do not leave your woman desperate and burning in desire! Enjoy!


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