Get Inspired By These Cute Love Quotes

cute love quotes

Comfort of Verse
Quaint blue wrappings red mirrors and the sun
Paint soft dawn as angels undone
Quiet white ghosts winged in the script
Surface the dream my love red-lipped

A tongue to the wine awake and aware
A kiss in the passion sweet dream I am there.
Untainted a petal blood lush rose-cheeked
Only for a moment lost passing and seek

A tear for an eye weep well soft heard
Whisper my lips I love you my word
And time come ‘gain sands grace reversed
Tears wet will dry in the embrace rehearsed.

Coupled a moment arched shadows not woe
Supply the care all felt sure show
Silence overwhelm a plea dear eyes
Enwrapped ensnared and entangled all signs

A song and meant tune echoes and thrall
A throng of the magic simple is love is all.
My Love
When you smile at me luster comes out
Pulled me out to fly
Whispering of you twirling in my ears
Made me too shy
Comportment of you amazed me
Kept me speechlessly
Lovely look confided me that
You are mine
My heart is repeated says
For me, you are born
What is in you? It cannot be assessed
Certainly from anyone
Which factors tend me to become crazy?
Was it love or lust?
It puzzled me stirred me all along
Certainly no doubt
When are you away why I feel alone?
Why it seems I lose all the way
I am in thrust of love
Trust me to test me but do not forget me
To test your love
I wait for the day until
You accept my love.

As I sit here watching my life get torn apart,
I can’t believe to be more than a dream.
The Beauty being washed away slowly,
Not letting go is all I’ve got but that’s not enough

Beauty will not stay,
She has been through too much,
Too much hurt too much pain.
Beauty is never appreciated until it disappears,
Without that beauty there isn’t much to life,
But the dream of having that beauty come back someday.

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