Tattoos For Women: Everything You Should Know About Tattoos

Women love tattoos because of their charismatic appeal and elegance. Some women find the pain unbearable, which acts as a deterrent. However, for some, the pain takes a backseat when they see that their skin has turned colorful displaying a beautiful tattoo design or telling a story that is close to their hearts.

Story of Women Tattoos


Women of Polynesian and Samoan tribes and Native Americans have been wearing tattoos for many years now, as they believe that tattoos add to their beauty. Egyptian women used to have tattoos all over their bodies in the form of lines. By early 20th century, women with tattoos worked in circuses; they were nicknamed freaks. In the 1960s, women, who had had double mastectomy sported tattoos on their chests. It was a beautiful way of hiding the scars.

Women Celebrities with Tattoo


Tattoos have been a favorite of a host of actresses and pop stars like Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, and Hayden Panettiere. The tattoos look superb on their bodies because of their placement and their size. If you looked through the photos of these women celebrities with a tattoo, you would notice that they mostly have small tattoos on areas like under wrist, nape, shoulder, upper arm, and fingers while large tattoos mostly adorn their backs, thighs, sides, and lower backs. Moreover, these stars wear clothes that show their tattoos elegantly. Hence, make sure your next party dress reveals the tattoo the right way.

Tattoos With Quotes and Quote Tattoos


Tattoo art becomes even more charming with quotes. Inspirational quotes are a hit because they are positive and motivate you to go on. Moreover, with such quotes you come across as a thoughtful person. With men wanting to date intelligent women, it is a good idea to go for tattoos with quotes. You will find quotes over the web and in magazines. You could also choose to have a movie dialogue tattooed. Although it is not a quote, such dialogues have deep meanings to them. In fact, it is how you could flaunt your exceptional taste in good movies.

Sometimes, you are so much in love with a quote that you just feel like getting it tattooed. Well, quote tattoos are certainly not bad but they could be boring if you do not take extra care while designing them. Select the font carefully. It should not only be beautiful but should also display the words clearly. Another consideration for quote tattoos is the color. Black, deep green, maroon, dark red are the safest options if you are fair. For women with other complexions, they could go with yellow, blue, fluorescent green, pink, and white.

What Should Your First Tattoo Be


The tattoo fever can grip you any time any day. Know that no age is too old to get a tattoo. Men love women with tattoos because it shows how tough she is and she has a story to tell. Therefore, the moment you feel you should get a tattoo, you should not delay it at all. A host of meaningful tattoos for women is available over the internet and all you need to do is select one. Being it your first time, go for small tattoos for women. Certainly, a small tattoo takes less time; it will also allow you to feel the tattoo on your body without going through much pain. If you like it, you could choose bigger and complex tattoos the next time.


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