The Best Shade-Loving Flowering Plants to Breathe Life into Your Garden

If you think that just because you have a shady yard you are limited to a foliage garden, you should think again! There are many beautiful flowers that do just fine in shade and that can add a little colour to any dark corner.

Most of the flowering plants for shade garden can be identified by their lustrous, green foliage, but not all of them follow this rule. Here are some amazing choices of flowering plants for a shade garden.


Although this plant is known as sun-lover, it grows well in deep shade. But you will need to provide it with a rich, slightly acid, well-drained soil and keep it moist and well mulched to see it doing well in your yard.


New Guinea Impatiens

Available in a wide range of flower colours, these flowering plants for shade garden can add interest to any outdoor space. These plants require a fertile, moist soil, and protection from frost. They also do great in hanging baskets, pots or mass plantings for high impact.


This plant grows best in part shade or a well-lift shade position. It likes a rich, moist yet well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. When planted in pots, during hot weather they should be kept in a saucer of water and be watered every day.

Mona Lavender

Also called Plectranthus sp. this plant performs well in part shade. It flowers from later summer into autumn and forms a low bush that measures around 60cm x 80cm. It requires a moist, well-drained soil, protection from frost, and gentle prune after flowering.


Rose Myrtle

A native rainforest shrub that gets about 1.5 metres tall. It tolerates a wide range of soils and light frost and likes light shade to full shades. It does well in formal hedging or container, and its perfumed flowers tend to appear in late spring and summer, followed by edible, colourful berries.

Lily of Peace

This is one of the few plants that flower without direct sunlight. However, a brightly lit position can result in best flowering. A beautiful and hard plant, it will be the solution where nothing else seems to grow. Drooping leaves is a sign that the plant is getting too dry, but it will recover quickly when watered.


For colourful, long-lasting flowers in the shade, begonias are your way to go. Easy to find in local and online nurseries, begonias require a warm, sheltered position and a well-drained soil. Although they prefer humidity, they tolerate dry well.


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