How I Created My Cool and Stylish Bar Area

We live in a modern, fast-paced world where finding time to just relax and spent some fun moments with friends can be really hard. As a financial adviser I would often stay in the office past the working hours to finish some report or respond to emails from clients and business partners. This long working routine was leaving me practically no free time I can dedicate to myself. I started to neglect not just myself but my friends and family as well. I got to the point where my mates no longer called me when they where organizing some fun gathering just because I had been that bad at returning to their calls previously so they just stopped trying and I understand them completely. So, soon I found myself so consumed by my job that I had no social life and I would often come home with stressed out and with a nagging headache. I started to lose weight and felt depressed most of the time.

My busy work schedule has really started to take a tool on my health. I knew I couldn’t continue like this. I figured it was high time to stop working so much to the point of both phenological and physical exhaustion. Instead I decided it’s high time to relax and restore my friendships. Most of the time my house was a mess of documents scattered on the sofa, chairs, tables, you name it. No one can relax in a messy home, so the first thing I did was get rid of all the unnecessary items that were creating clutter and then I organised all my documents in my desk. Seeing my house neat and clean after a long time I realized that I have enough free space for creating a cool bar area where I can relax after a long day and welcome my guests in style.

First, I started looking for a stylish bar cart that would serve as a focal point of the bar area. There is a vast selection of bar carts in different styles and colours. I opted for a gold one that provides plenty of storage options and matches my interior perfectly. Next, it was time to look for the most important piece of equipment that every bar should have- a fridge. After comparing different models online, I decided to get two compact Schmick fridges that have and advanced design and provide superior performance. The low noise operation and the interior fan, where the main feature that I was looking for and the practical Schmick fridges offer both and a lot more. They come with an interior fan that is designed to distribute cold air evenly and keep my drinks cool and refreshing at all times. What’s more, they are lightweight and can easily fit pretty much anywhere.

After I arranged my fridges in a designated place, the final step was to equip my bar with some essential bar equipment in the form of jiggers, shakers, muddlers, bar spoons, glassware, and mixers. With my bar area all set and ready all left to do was organise a fun gathering for all my friends and apologise for neglecting them and distancing myself from the group. My stylish bar area has not only become our favourite spot for having fun parties, but it’s also the place where I like to relax and unwind after a long day over a glass of wine and some fine cheese.


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