Different Ways to Dress Up a Blank Wall

You do not have to be art-schooled to turn a blank wall in your home from drab to fab. All you really need is some fresh ideas, that will make the room more appealing and comfortable. Thus if you are looking for a way to give your bare walls a makeover, take a look at these eye-catching ideas.

Create a Gallery Wall

The first and the very best thing you can do is to create a gallery wall in your home. This is a pretty affordable and appealing way to transform a room with art wall prints, photographs, illustrations and maybe some personal pieces that matter to you. Creating a gallery wall is a great way to dress up your wall and express yourself, thus you can either stick only to art wall prints or you can mix and match both photos and paintings. That way, you will give the room “a salon feel” while making it more comfy and cosy.

Cluster Colorful Baskets

If you are a person who wants to experiment with new things, we suggest you to fill up the blank space on your wall with baskets. Yeah, that’s right – baskets. Dare to be different and unique by hanging not one, but a whole lot of colourful baskets. Decorative woven baskets will never bore you with their monotony, which is why we suggest you to collect several decorative woven baskets in different sizes and colours, and play around. In case you can’t find colourful baskets, or can’t find the needed colours, you can always use craft paint.

Wall Brackets – Bring Dimension to Your Art

If thinking about hanging art prints on the wall but want to do it in a more interesting way, we suggest you to prop them up on decorative wall brackets. Not only will make the room more appealing, but will also allow you to change things around in order to have different theme corner whenever you want.

Hang Something with an Interesting Pattern

Being unique is always in fashion, thus except for hanging some unique art wall prints, you can also find some interesting wall hangings like baskets (metal, woven), garden fence, etc., the list is endless and so are the combinations.

Faux Taxidermy

If you do not have a problem with it, the last but not least thing you can try is adding faux taxidermy to your blank wall. Dressing up your dining or living room with faux taxidermy will add a modern touch to your home, especially if you are a fan of the rustic and contemporary style.


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