Fashion In Its Full Bloom


You will probably relate the latest expectations of a floral themed spring 2017 with the “groundbreaking” words of Meryl Streep in the “Devil Wears Prada”. Meryl’s’ lovable character Miranda Priestly was not as astonished to think of a floral themed collection, but that is definitely not the case this year. Floral has been a great inspiration for quite a while now but never before had it grabbed the attention with such a strong vine.

Jess Wright

In the spirit of the spring collection, I want to take you on a magical trip across the blooming collection of the amazing UK celebrity Jess Wright and her colorful statement.

From midi to maxi, top and bottom, printed and embroidered, the new Jessica Wright Floral Dresses Collection and Sistaglam’s own floral designs, will offer you everything you need to stun this season. The gentle full blooms are perfectly combined with gentle materials for a full designer expression.

Jess Wright

Sistaglam’s designer collection will offer you an amazing array of flowering and colorful creations that will help you make your fashion statement. Get ready to dazzle with glamour at every occasion with the choice designer clothing of Sistaglam.



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