The Process of Getting A Toyota Hilux Suspension Lift

Toyota Hilux is the most popular off-road vehicle in Australia. In 2016 it beat every hatchback and sedan models, giving great profits the retailers of Toyota. However, not all models come with a suspension lift and getting one from Toyota itself can be very expensive. It is not so grim because Toyota has made deals with licensed third-party companies to manufacture reliable Toyota Hilux suspension lift that is reliable, durable and effective.

Since the facelift from 05, with 40mm higher front, it causes great problems with CV angles. This problem was overcome with the customer Toyota Hilux Suspension lift, with a fully integrated kit that provides more than 4″ of lift, however, at the same time, the problem is gone without any adjusting on any OE components. If you decide to go with a modification that is 50mm bigger than the original Toyota suspension, you will need a modified engineers report to meet the needs of the road transport regulation. If you go with a height increase range that is between 85 mm up to 100, you will need some additional equipment.

A Suspension front end kit is composed of:

  • A reinforced hub support brackets
  • Extra lower control arm that is equipped with sidelines support braces
  • Extra Front diff for the changing mounting brackets and diff rear mount
  • Steering rack rod ends so you can maintain full alignment adjustment
  • Brake hose relocation bracket
  • Replacement new length front coil

The main thing to look for is for quality and service. When you contact the retailer they usually do the installation process. The process could take around 1 day depending if they have a lot of fittings or low manpower. These retailers have the licence and went through special Toyota courses so you can be assured that the process of installation is safe.

The materials that are used in the Toyota Hilux suspension lift are of the highest quality. The plastic, rubbers and metal and bent together that it can take any type of conditions. Whether is too hot or too cold, they have no problem. If you are going through send or crossing the river the lift will not have any problems and will help you to go to your desired destination

In Australia, at the moment there are a couple of licensed third- party Toyota Hilux Suspension lift installers. You can find them online and visit their site, where you can find their phone numbers, email and address and you can even visit them directly with your vehicle so they can make an assessment of your Toyota. Wait no longer and make your Hilux the best.


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