Miles Under The Sea – The Incredible Power of Buoyancy Control Device

The sound of water, countless fish around you, the beautiful bottom of the sea filled with parts, whether it is a human or nature past. If you agree with this notion, then you must be a scuba diver enthusiast a true Jules Verne adventurer. However, scuba diving starts with having the right equipment. If you think getting a suit, mask and oxygen tank it will take to make you go into the unknown depths, you are at fault buddy. To experience the scuba diving, while hovering and being weightless you will need to equip yourself with a buoyancy control device.

What exactly is Buoyancy Control Device?

The buoyancy control device or BCD provides scuba divers control buoyancy when they dive. Owning the right buoyancy device will make sure that you will have a comfortable and relaxed diving, increasing your enjoyment and fun. When you ask yourself what comes with a BCD then it is pretty simple and straightforward, because manufacturers have created a standard. In a buoyancy control device, you will find expandable bladder, low-pressure inflater, an oral inflation mechanism, deflation mechanism and overpressure valve, adjustable straps, buckles, tank band and sturdy back plate. Not only that but the BCD comes with a jacket style which is the most popular type. There are different types of BCD male or female versions, in all sizes. Whether you wear a dry or thick wetsuit, the size should be the right fit. When you wear a BCD yo will need to have it tighter and loosen, clip or unclipped every strap and release the BCD. You will need to orally inflate the BCD and still find your comfort while not making you restrictive.


The thing when buying a new buoyancy control device the most important part is the suit. The most important thing is to pick the one that you like the most, with all the functionality and of course the comfort and having a good fit. Afterwords, making the final decision is easy, when you have chosen the right colour, style and your personal preference.

In the end, if you want to get the maximum from your BCD you should take a course. There are a lot of course throughout Australia, and find one will be very simple and easy. The thing is that the ones that sell the BCD gear usually offer courses and if you are lucky enough you can get a discount on your suit and classes! So wait for no further and dwell into the unknown sea, finding yourself and exploring nature where so few have been before.


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