Five Reasons Why Sending Bulk Mail is Still a Good Idea

If you are a company that is growing every day, the amount of mail you need to send for promotions, payments, advertising and much more you will need a separate department to do the job rightly. However, investing in a To keep up with the competition and add a personal touch to your mail you will need a send bulk mail company that will do the job perfectly.

Yet, people still think that sending emails is the best strategy to advertise and inform your potential and normal customers. However, there is nothing better than an opening a letter and seeing a good offer. For this reason, in this article, we will go through the five reason why sending physical letters or send bulk mail to your clients it is the best solution.


It offers Personality
When you send bulk mail, you will add your personal touch and address your customers directly. For a lot of people, opening a mail when they are contacted directly it is the right way to do it. Additionally, the response rate of these letters is more likely to happen than the email one because it always addresses the needs of the customer.

It is Targeted
The thing with bulk mail is that they are targeted to a specific type of people, not like sending spam mail to different addresses when they email filter won’t even recognise them as normal email.

It is Accountable
Sending direct messages to your customer base offers you the ability to track the success of your marketing campaign. You can do that either by counting the coupon received or the visiting it generates results. Furthermore, the data you will receive will be there to be analysed by your marketing team and work to find a better solution.

Integrated to the Max
You can make a great connection with the web, media and social services to create integration and produce a winning combo. By integrating bulk mail services with these channels you will have better accountability and better measurement.

Tangible All the Way
Lastly, sending bulk mails can come with every size and shape you can think of. You have a wide range of choices to pick from such as postcards, brochures, letters and much more. This will be the media where you can place the core message of your company directly in the hands of your customers. Whether is a coupon, QR codes and much more you will directly involve your customers with your products.


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