Professional Eyebrow Tattoo: Fall in Love with Your New Eyebrows

Plucking, filling, trimming are just some of the things we do to make our eyebrows look perfect. They are without doubt one of the most important facial feature. When groomed properly eyebrows help frame the eyes and emphasizes the best features on your face. They can even give you a more youthful appearance and the trick apparently is to find the brow shape that would best suit the shape of your face. Well, as someone who doesn’t have the strongest brow game I’ve spent so many hours in front of my mirror trying to give my eyebrows the best shape possible. Most of the time they end up looking decent but I never seem to get just the right thickness. But the thing that I hate the most is trying to fill in my brows in the morning. It’s such a time-consuming task that in many cases I simply don’t have the time to do it at home. I end up in the back of the taxi on my way to work with a mirror and an eyebrow pencil struggling to fill in my brows as the driver is making turns. So, you can only imagine how delighted I was when I heard that there is a treatment that can save me from all the hassle of filling in my brows every morning.


My best friend Katie told me about the procedure of getting a professional eyebrow tattoo which can give the brow a long-lasting shape with a natural finish. When I saw how her brows had turned out (they were much fuller than before and matched the colour of her hair) I knew I had to try it out. But, before I had to do my researcher and find out what exactly is professional eyebrow tattoo. This is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure done with an ink that is used to apply natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. It is most commonly used to enhance the brow’s natural shape and colour, but can also be a great solution for those women who prefer a more bold brow look. The costs for the treatment range from $400 to $600, but the overall price depends on how many session will be needed to define the shape of your brows.


After I’ve gathered all the necessary information, it was time to find a reputable beauty clinic and finally get the eyebrow look that I’ve always wanted. Before the procedure I had a consultation with my eyebrow tattoo specialist where we talked about my medical history and the whole process in general. It took me two sessions to get the desired brow thickness and colour. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment. The vibrating needle gun is designed to make small strokes creating lines that look almost identical to eyebrow hair. Now 8 months after the treatment the brow strokes have faded a bit, but my eyebrows still have a defined shape and look natural. I’m very satisfied with the results from the treatment and I plan to get a touch-up in a few months.


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