Living Rooms: Gravitating towards Contemporary Style

Contemporary living rooms with their unique appeal and welcoming ambience can serve as both a sophisticated formal area for welcoming guests in style as well as a casual living space for relaxing after a busy day at work and creating special family moments. If you’re enchanted by the elegance of contemporary interiors and want to style your living room in this gorgeous and unique design than keep on reading because in this article we’ll brake down the secrets of contemporary design. The beauty of contemporary interiors is in their simplicity and the tasteful combination of colours, textures and shapes.

Clean lines along with electric elements emphasize the simple design that creates the perfect basis for experimenting and giving your own creative twist to the décor scheme. Yes, there are no strict rules to follow and the best thing about contemporary style is that it embraces and celebrates the creative and unconventional approach to designing your living space, but be carefully not to go overboard since one  notion that perfectly describes contemporary interiors is- less is more. Before you start your design project think about what would be the perfect layout for your living room. The goal here is to create an open space that feel airy and comfortable but has a dose of warmth to it as well. It’s best to focus on a few essential piece first like a stylish and comfy sofa and contemporary tables, then pick out the rest of the accent furniture and finally add a finishing touch with décor bits and pieces that complement the overall interior design.

_1085m CARLO.tif

To achieve that classy yet simple look of clean lines and geometric shapes the furniture pieces you choose should feature soft and rounded edges and smooth, polished surfaces without much adornment. That’s why contemporary tables are often made from light-coloured woods like white oak, timber, maple and birch that have very little graining and give the furniture that polished look. A wooden coffee table matched with a statement leather sofa and an ottoman are all the elements you would need to give your contemporary living room an inviting sitting area.

Contemporary interiors are all about mixing and matching colour pallets to create a cohesive space that reflects a smart combination of complementary colours. To achieve this we suggest you choose main furniture items such as sofas, ottomans and armchairs in soft neutral hues and brake the monotony with boldly coloured accessories like rugs, pictures, cushions and ornaments. The truth is that with a little attention to detail and a dose of creativity you can easily give your interiors that unique elegant look, so start creating your contemporary living room and don’t forget to have fun while doing it.



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