Protein Powder Whey Isolate: How Can It Benefit You

Whey protein is a dietary supplement that can be either isolated from the casein or from whey, and its main purpose is to increase your muscle growth and boost your energy. But since whey protein comes in three forms, you should be aware that not all of them are created equal and can give you the same benefits. For example, the whey isolate protein (WPI) contains 95% of proteins, the whey protein concentrate (WPC) contains around 55 and 89% of proteins, while the whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) contains the highest level of proteins. If we compare all of them, the protein powder whey isolate has the best nutritional profile and this is the main reason why it is the most favoured one among bodybuilders and fitness addicts.protein-powder-whey-isolate1

When it comes to choosing protein powder whey isolate is used as the main ingredient in many types of food like the ones that include meat, candy, dairy products, and more.

High Level of Amino Acids

Since whey protein isolate is a complete protein with the best nutritional profile, this also means that whey isolate has a high level of amino acids which are essential in the daily diet. It also contains high levels of branched chain amino acids which are unlike the other types of amino acids in the promotion of muscle growth, since they can be metabolised directly into muscle tissue.

Leucine Level

Another benefit of using whey protein isolate is that it contains a high level of leucine that has the role in promoting the synthesis of muscle protein and muscle growth. Another important thing is that it will also promote the loss of fat tissue mainly because of the energy your body needs to process leucine.protein powder whey isolate


Besides the high level of amino acids and leucine, whey protein isolate has also a high level of cysteine. According to many surveys, whey protein boosts the immune system by elevating the body’s level of glutathione which is great, especially for women. How come? Well, for those women who have higher levels of plasma cysteine, the risk of developing a breast cancer is reduced a lot when compared with women who have lower levels of plasma cysteine.

Generally speaking, whey protein can help you control blood glucose levels, can help people who have diabetes, and can help those who exercise a lot reduce their hunger. And when it comes to pregnant women who have an increased need for protein, whey protein isolate is the perfect source of protein.


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