Upgrade Your Biking Game: The Mountains Await

Long laughs and talks, wonderful experiences filled with lots of fun, adrenaline, and thrill….this is how I spent the mountain bike rides with my pals. If you are like me, crazy about experiencing the mountain thrill by riding a bike, it is time to change your ordinary one with a hardtail or trail Mtb (mountain) bike. Before I show you the differences between them, one rule of thumb must be mentioned, the fit and the features are the most important things to look for when buying a bike, regardless the type. Because believe me, even if you have bought the most expensive and latest mountain bike model, you won’t be able to enjoy it if it’s not comfortable. And now, let’s see the two most popular types of mountain bikes and their features.


Trail Bikes

Without any doubts, trail Mtb bikes are the most common mountain biking type of bike for this style since this is not a specific category, nor one that is related to racing. In fact, these types of bike styles are designed for rides with friends at the local trailhead, and riding a mixture of climbs and descents. The usual specifications of a trail mountain style bike are 120 – 140mm of suspension travel and 67–69° head-tube angle wherein a suspension travel indicates the amount of movements that are offered by both the front and the rear bike’s suspension. The head-tube angle, on the other hand, is the angle that is formed by the head tube with the ground. A lower or slacker head-tube angle means that the bike will give you enough support and stability at higher speeds, but the downside is that it won’t be able to climb that well, while the steerer head-tube angle will turn and climb faster.

Hardtail Bikes

Hardtail mountain bikes are lightweight with a front suspension and fully rigid rear making them suitable for a wide variety of trails. These types of bikes are usually more affordable than the full-suspension bikes since they have a fewer moving parts. Cross-country riders usually choose these types of bikes as they allow a direct transfer of power between the rear tire and pedal stroke.

Mountain Bike Frame Materials

Generally speaking, mountain bikes can be made of several types of material.

Aluminium – This is the most commonly used material for making modern bike frames since aluminium is light but durable material that will provide you with great all-round performance.

Carbon Fibre – Carbon fibre is also a lightweight but strong material with vibration absorbing properties. Even though new to the mountain bike world, this type of material is getting popular slowly but surely by its higher level of performance.

Steel – Steel bike frames are designed to give you comfort, while also being strong and durable. Even though quality and durable, this is a relatively heavy frame for a bike which is why is used less.

Titanium – Last but not least, titanium metal is usually used in aircraft manufacture as it is durable. Since its the most expensive type of material, titanium has become a custom-made one for bike manufacture use.


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