Awnings For Motorhomes

The enchanting beauty of spring has already invaded nature and this only means one thing- spending more time outdoor. What better way to make the most out of those wonderful spring days than to hop into your motorhome and go on an adventurous camping trip with your friends. Motorhomes are probably one of the most fun and convenient accommodations when going on any kind of outdoor trip, and as a proud owner of one you already have experienced the great freedom that comes with motorhome travel. When it comes to camping and motorhome travel, organization is key to having an enjoyable and relaxing trip. Enough living space and comfortable accommodation are the most important things when camping, and one of the best methods to create a functional living space on your campsite is by attaching an awning to your motorhome.


A high-quality awning is one of the best accessories that you can get for your motorhome. It can come in handy in many different situations, it can function as an additional sleeping, or you can use it as a practical cooking space. The awning can also be your cosy porch, and provide shade and shelter from sun and wind. When shopping for accessories such as awnings for motorhomes there are some essential considerations to bare in mind to ensure you will make the right purchase. Awning come in many variations and styles. Factors like quality and material are essential when it comes to choosing the right model. Plus you would want something that will fit your type of vehicle and meet your specific needs.


Types of awnings

Awnings for motorhomes can be divided into three basic categories: full, canopy and porch awning. Each model has a specific design and comes with its own features and benefits.

  • Full awnings- provide twice as much living space than you would normally have with your motorhome. With this type of awning you can create a spacious area where you and your friends can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenic view.
  • Canopy awnings- you can customize these to your individual needs. You have the option to temporarily attach the canopy awning to the side of your vehicle, or have it as a permanent fixture. Permanent models are similar to roller blinds and feature multiple built-in poles that function as legs and support your awning.
  • Porch awnings- these are usually smaller than other type of awnings, but are nonetheless very convenient. You don’t need any special tools to build your porch awning. It has a practical design and you can use it to create extra space for sleeping or cooking.

Awning materials

Awnings can be made from various materials that differ in weight, texture and durability. One of the most popular materials is polyester, this is a lightweight fabric that doesn’t need much maintenance and dries very quickly which makes it perfect for camping. Acrylic awnings are a great choice as well, although on the pricier side these are highly resistant and build to last which makes them a smart investment in the long run.


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