Outfit Your Windows with the Right Curtains

For some people, a curtain is much more than just window covering. It is the main element to form the basics of a room’s overall look and feel. For others, a curtain is a practical solution to add privacy, warmth and energy-saving benefits to their home. Whether your reason for choosing this type of window dressing, the fact is, with so many fabrics, patterns and styles (ranging from traditional to modern curtain models) to choose from, you may get confused selecting the right curtain for your room.modern curtain

Types of Curtains


If you are working on a limited budget or don’t have much time to spend on your project, a ready-made curtain may be the easy update you are looking for. It comes ready to hang but you are the one who will have to take the measurements of your windows. The downside with these curtains is that they are available in limited size options, which may not lead a perfect fit to your window.


Opting for a custom traditional or modern curtains offers you the benefits of being able to choose the material, colour, pattern and style to your own requirements. Ready-made curtains are available in standard sizes but windows can be of a variety of shapes and sizes – especially the ones in the traditional homes. With a made-to-measure curtain, you can be confident that the curtain will be made to fit your window perfectly. Plus you will be able to add in extra features as well, like extra lining, headings, and tiebacks for a unique look that meets your needs.

A possible disadvantage with this curtains is that you will have to wait around two to three weeks, depending on the available of the fabric and the vendor. Also, a custom curtain may represent a higher initial investment. So it is a good idea to look for designs that won’t become dated to justify the higher investment.

When looking for a custom curtain make sure to choose a reliable curtain-making service which will send an experience professional member to your place to take measures and give you advice on the best style to suit your needs.

Curtain Headings

The way your curtain is attached to the track or pole can also cause a great impact on the look of your curtain.

  • Eyelets pleats offer a contemporary aesthetic look and the curtain will need some space on both sides of the window to stack back.
  • French pleats are made by attaching three pleats together at the top of the curtain. Because they require more intensive work to make, they are the most expensive option.
  • Pinch pleats allow a more tailored finish and allow the curtain to fall into elegant folds that can be dressed with easily for a more formal look.
  • Pencil pleats are less structured than pinch pleats but offer an attractive, uniform gathered edge that works pretty good in more casual décor, such as a bedroom or a home office.

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