What to Look for in Spinning Rods

For a successful fishing trip, you need a knowledge, but the fishing tackle is also essential. Without these two things, it is hard that you will ever catch a fish regardless of your effort. So, once you need to start looking for the fishing equipment put some close attention in choosing every single piece of it. For example, choosing the right rod is more than important. To be able to catch a fish your rod should match perfectly the fishing reel. Maybe buying a fishing rod is not the most complex thing in the world but still require some consideration. With the plenty of spinning rods available on the market choosing the right one can be a bit tricky, so here is a simple guide about what to look for in spinning rods.

Spinning Rods

The Action

It is a term that you will meet quite often during your search of the right spinning rod. The action can be described as slow, medium or moderate, fast and extra fast. An extra fast rod has less bend in it which indicates a rod which is more powerful for setting hooks and sensitive to strikes, the slow models are opposite than fast ones and have the most bend in them while the medium rods are great for anglers who need more distance in the casts.

The Length

Fishing rods are available in different lengths. In order to determine what you need try to stick to the simple rule of thumb: the longer the rod the greater the casting distance. The longer rod will give you a much greater distance to be able to power your bait past the sandbars while the shorter models are a better choice if you need precision. For a beginner maybe the longer rod is a better option since the shorter models of usually used by experienced angles because they need more precision when they cast.

The Weight

The weight of the fishing rod is not something people consider when looking to buy a new piece because they think that all rods are lightweight, which is actually true. If you want to achieve great results on your next fishing trip make sure you will pair a lighter rod with a light reel. This way your arm will be less fatigued since your will probably fish for many hours through the day. A bit heavier rod offer some advantages such as durability and strength but at the end of the day, you will pay these benefits with fatigue. Most of the rods are lightweight but still it is something to consider if you want to make the best choice for you.

The Guides

Almost all rods have the same type of metal frame with ceramic guides so there is not need to go into so many details and highlight the type of guides. This is typical set-up for any spinning rod but it is still recommended to check and see what material the guides are made of.


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