The Only Beach Essentials You Need

With the summer being in full heat right now, a beach day is a perfect way to cool off. Swimming and tanning in the sun is a great way to spend the day with your family, a significant other, or with friends. However, if you aren’t prepared fun times at the beach can quickly turn into a day full of stress and anger because you spent all your money on a beach umbrella you didn’t bring. This is why you need to pack the right essentials.


This is an obvious must-have in order to have a great time. You have to get the right sunscreen, so everyone can be happy. If you have kids you have to be really careful when choosing what type to buy, remember to buy only from trusted brands, so you can be sure you’re safe. Because it’s all fun and games until someone gets a sunburn.

Beach Umbrella
Another great way to shield yourself from those bad UV sun rays is with a great beach umbrella. An umbrella will also keep your belongings and towels out of the sun, so it doesn’t damage your phone or camera. Under the umbrella is where your base at the beach is, there you usually go for a snack or to play a board game.

Beach Bag
A beach bag is optional and you can take a smaller bag when there are only adults. However, a large beach bag is the only choice when you’re going with kids. All of your stuff, all of the toys, clothes and the necessities of your kids will be in there. It’s better to choose one with a lot of space and a lot of big and small pockets.


There is a lot of options to choose from when it comes to beach towels. There are the usual ones which are really small if you’re with a large group, then there are oversized towels which are somewhat nicer and better, and then there are beach blankets. Beach blankets are really great if you’re with a lot of people. It’s only one piece, so you don’t have cracks of sand and sand getting everywhere and some have stakes that can be dug into the ground, so the wind doesn’t blow away all of your stuff.

Accessories are the things that you find essential for a great beach day. Every person is different and we all have different essentials for the beach. Sunglasses are something that everyone should have, in order to protect your eyes. Protect your head with a hat, there are a lot of hat types and styles, so pick your favourite one. Take a lot of water and something to snack on, being healthy is important.


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