Book Review: The Heavenly Man

Real stories are the most interesting ones to read because they are challenging, inspirational, and they cause you to stop and take a minute to think about your own life. Many Australians are casually aware of the difficulties many experiences because of their faith. The Heavenly Man is the autobiographical story of Brother Yun of China, a great man who from the early age of 16, devoted himself to God that was the force that guided him during the toughest times in his life full of tribulations. Reading this book will certainly change your perceive of faith.

Brother Yun is a real example of Chinese cruel society and communist regime, where persecution had been one of the daily routines. Although he was born in a small village in the poor Henan province, Brother Yun had the enough strength to confront the severe persecution happening in Communist China those times. That thanks to the strong belief he had in the unique power of God. His preaches was about Christianity and how people should unify their forces by listening to God’s voices.


Many wonder how come it is possible for a simple Chinese man to become more Christian than born Christians themselves. It all started from Brother Yun father’s illness. What the family thought that is only an asthmatic condition, turned to be a lung cancer. The small, but close Yun family was scared to death that they will lose the head of the family, so they started to pray to God with open hearts and souls for their family member’s recovery. It seemed like had heard their sincere prayers and the morning after Yun’s father got better. From this moment, Brother Yun became fully dedicated and devoted with body and soul to the Lord.

In his book The Heavenly Man, brother Yun relates that God called him to be His witness in the west and south. Turning to Christianity was his goals life and true vocation. However, this decision led him to many severe trials and persecutions. He passed trough hell times in jail, starving and suffering, but not even that was enough for him to stop believing in his one and only God. In fact, that proof of love for his Lord only leads him to experience miracle after miracle, which strengthened his faith in God even more.

Thanks to his unconditional belief and love in God, Brother Yun, managed to perform a miracle escape from the Chinese prison and immigrated to Germany, where he sought asylum in 2001. After that, he became part of many Christian movements, spreading the word of Lord and impacting many lives to devote to Christianity.


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