Lighting For Photography Buying Guide

You do not need to be a professional photographer to own a quality studio lighting for photography. If you have enough money to spend, you can have your own lighting kit, although you are just an amateur or simply you have passion in photographing. Lighting kits are not the most affordable and must piece of equipment, but for a person who want to make photography with professional quality is essential. A lighting kit is made of few different parts, which means you need to take your time to make a good research before make your final decision. When it comes time for buying lighting for photography you have a lot of options, including online sellers, photography stores, and manufacturers.

Before you decide on the parts that you want to buy, you need to consider the three main types of lights used in lighting kits. Each of them have advantages and disadvantages so make sure you choose exactly what you need.


Hot lights have the capacity to operate at extremely high temperatures. These halogen bulbs usually require between 500 and 800 watts of power and are a perfect choice for tasks that require a constant light source like the video but they are also effective when making photography of small objects. If your passion is to make portraits of people, these lights are not the best choice for this type of photographing.

Cool lights provide an alternative to hot lights with the difference that they are significantly cooler than hot lights. This greatly reduces the risk of injury and fire. They are also considered as more comfortable and adjustable option compare to hot lights, but they still have their bad side. For example, they look much brighter than they actually are.

Flashes are the most proffered choice from studio photographers as they are easier to use than cool or hot lights. You can find available two different types of flashes: studio flashes and shoe flashes. Shoe flashes are portable and are attached to the body of the camera while studio flashes come in different varieties and feature several different accessories.

As important parts of any photographer’s studio, lighting kits for photography are easy to find. It may be even easier to find them online, as it allows manufacturers from around the world to offer their varieties. Whether you need strobe flashes or constant lights, your should take your time to research the different light types and make an informed decision before clicking the buy button.


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