How to Choose And Use a Butt Plug

If you’re one of those people that have never tested the waters of anal sex, but are very tempted to try it nonetheless, the butt has many pleasurable nerve endings, that can give a feeling of fullness. People enjoy wearing them both from that particular simulation, as well as for the mental stimulation of wearing a sex toy in public without anyone knowing.

Regardless whether you are a male or female, anal stimulation can be very pleasuring, and can add a feeling of extra sensation during an orgasm. In other words, you can look at it as an orgasm amplifier of sorts. Now if you’re a beginner, and want to experience butt plug stimulation, but are uncomfortable and embarrassed to go to an actual shop, there’s a convenient alternative. There are online butt plug sale shops that will help you decide on what is best for you, as a beginner, how to use it, and make it a memorable first experience.


When purchasing a butt plug, there are several things that you need to know, here’s some of them that will assist you in narrowing down your ideal butt plug choice:

Safety First!

Make sure the butt plug you are purchasing has a stopping point at the base, you don’t want a toy to get “lost” in your anal cavity. This is unfortunately a very common incident and it can be very uncomfortable and painful to deal with. You’ll most likely end up in a hospital asking for help, and that can be quite the embarrassing experience.


Start off with something not much bigger than your own finger. Make sure it’s small, but at the same time big enough that it doesn’t keep falling off.


Hands down, silicone is the best for beginners due to numerous factors. It can be sterilized, it’s completely body safe. You’ll have to use water based lube instead of silicone lube, because silicone lube will destroy your toy. Other recommended materials are glass, plastic and rubber.

Features and Designs

Some toys can vibrate to enhance pleasure. There are multiple shapes in which you can purchase a plug, with curved models gaining some popularity recently, there are some kinky versions with a tale, but the most common ones are penis-shaped.

Things to keep in mind…

When inserting, be gentle and cautions, use lots of lube and go slowly, make sure your muscles loosen up before putting it further, you can go in and out slowly multiple times to get used to it.

When removing the toy, make sure to clean it and sterilize it to make sure that dangerous bacteria is avoided when you’re going to use it again. Adding lube can help the removal process and make sure you remove it slowly to prevent any unwanted injuries.


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