The Proper Way To Take Care Of Advanced Trees

Arborists say that proper tree care starts the moment when you select the tree. How you will take care of your tree(s) within the first few years of life will affect its strength, shape, and even its life span. But what about advanced trees? Before we share with you the tips on how to take care of advanced trees, you need to remember one thing; when it comes to tree nursery Melbourne arborists recommend to buy from a reliable and reputable one that can offer you a wide range of healthy advanced trees. This is important if you want to have a healthy tree that will serve you for a lifetime.

Advanced trees may seem strong, but according to arborists, healthy trees don’t just happen. Even if you buy healthy and strong trees for an online tree nursery Melbourne, trees do require some care. It may be low and seasonal, but it is essential for keeping them healthy and strong.

Take a look at the following simple steps for taking care of advanced trees.


Be it people, animals, trees, flowers, plants, herbs, etc., everybody needs water, but too much of it can be bad, especially when talking about plants and trees. Here are the things you need to do when it comes to watering advanced trees.

Once you notice that the soil is dry, you need to immediately water the tree. Deeply water the tree, but don’t focus too much on the roots. Water everywhere around it, so the soil could get moist and nutrient the tree.

Even though the weather is cooler, don’t allow the soil to dry out. Always pay attention to the soil, and in case the weather is warmer, you may need to water your trees more often.

The best way to water your trees is with sprinkler system, just make sure it works smoothly. Check for emitters and lines for clogs or leaks. Carefully adjust the sprinkler head and look for puddling around the tree.


A layer of mulch will keep your trees warmer in winter. It helps the soil retain moisture and suppresses weeds. Even though this is more important for younger trees, you can also mulch your advanced trees as well.

Use at least 7cm thick layer around the trees but not against the trunk. On that way, the tree can be moisture and warm for longer period of time while being healthy.


Pruning will help your trees grow healthy and faster. According to arborists, the best time for pruning trees is in winter. You can remove any broken, dead or damaged branches in spring, but pruning is ideal in winter.


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