How Skateboarding Killed the Football Star

Yeah, I often find myself using football as an excuse to hang with friends, drink beer, and curse a lot. And that’s about it. Otherwise, football is boring AF.

Skate Australia

“But, all the real men love football.” No! Sitting in front of the TV, stuffing your face with junk food and drinking beer does not make you a real man. Because let’s face it, apart from the occasional gathering to chase a ball for 2 hours, most football fans are passively “enjoying” the sport. And no, playing football on your console does not count and I’d rather play “Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom”.

“But going to a live match, the crowd, the cheering, the adrenaline…” Well, go to a friggin concert, it can even be cheaper that a football match.

Anyway, what I actually wanted to talk to you about is how incredibly AWESOME skateboarding is.

Skate Australia 2

And I’m not just talking bout skateboarding as a sport, I’m talking about skateboarding as a way of life.

For starters, if you skate Australia wide you can wear whatever you want and, unlike football shirts, your shirt won’t look like a billboard. In fact, skating clothes look so cool and are so comfortable, that they are very often worn by people who have nothing to do with skateboarding.

Also, with skateboarding, the world is your playground. While football is restricted to where you can play, you can skate wherever you want, whenever you want it. You can go to the skate park, the local bike trail, you can skate around the neighborhood, you can commute to work with your skateboard, and basically skate Australia as far as your legs can carry you.

Skate Australia 3

As far as “manliness” goes, well, we’ve all seen football players brush against each other and then roll on the ground for 10 minutes. A skater flies 10 ft in the air, hits the concrete, gets up, and just walks it off. I’m well aware that in both sports it is likely to get injured, but I would rather break my own leg than have someone else break it.

Another good thing about skating is that you can surround yourself with people you actually like. There is no room for A-holes in your group, the people you skate with are your friends. On the other hand, anyone who plays football can confirm that out of the 11 people you play football with, there are maybe 2 or 3 that you actually like and the rest are mostly jerks.

I could probably go on forever, but I’ll stop here and just say that the only way you can get me on a football field is if you paint it over a skate ramp.


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