Deciduous Trees: Benefits & Selection

Choosing the right furniture and decorative elements can surely create a comfortable atmosphere in your outdoor space, but your garden can look dull, empty and indifferent without at least one big tree. Trees especially the deciduous ones are an effective way to create comfortable and appealing garden, but they are also the perfect ally for creating a shade especially in summer when the sun is too hot and the temperatures are too high.

What To Consider Before Planting Deciduous Tress?

Before choosing the right deciduous tree(s) for your garden, make sure the tree(s) won’t be in the way of paths, buildings or driveway, and that it won’t interfere any overhead wires. You should also think about the position as these trees can provide you with good shade during summer. For example, when it comes to planting deciduous trees Australia experts recommend to plant a tree on the northern or southern side of the house if what you want is to have a good shade for the interior rooms throughout the day. If what you want to shade both the garden and house mainly in the afternoon, plant it on the western side.

Benefits Of Planting Deciduous Trees

  • When it comes to choosing the right deciduous trees Australia’s online stores have a lot of interesting types of deciduous trees to offer. You just need to find the best ones that will fit best in your garden as there are different sizes, leaves and shapes of deciduous trees.
  • There is a vast selection of deciduous trees Australia available that can provide shade in summer and allow sunlight during colder months.
  • Deciduous trees can provide your garden with greater protection from bad weather conditions.
  • They slow down the wind in case of storms.
  • During summer, they are the perfect shelter from the harmful sun UV rays.
  • They have the power to keep your garden colder in warm and warmer in cold months.

The Most Popular Types Of Deciduous Trees

Prunus ‘Kanzan’ (Cherry ‘Kanzan’)

This is a medium-sized deciduous tree that has a shape of a vase when young. After that, this cherry tree spreads a lot and has a brown young foliage and vibrant purple-pink flowers (about 5cm in width). They are suitable in moderately fertile soil and require a lot of sun. When fully grown, they can reach 8-12 metres height and 8 metres width.

Malus Ioensis Plena (Pink Flowering Crab Apple)

This appealing deciduous tree can reach 5 metres in height and 3-4 metres in width. It has green foliage that starts to show at the beginning of the spring, and just like the previous type, this one also requires sun and well drained soil.

Robinia ‘Inermis’ (Mop Top Robinia)

This appealing tree has bright green leaves and can produce beautiful white flowers. The leaves turn yellow in autumn while the white flowers appear in late spring or summer and are followed by red/brown pods.


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