Server Transport Case: The Best Way To Protect Your Audio Gear

As a musician, your audio gear is the most important and the most expensive thing you carry with you on your gigs. Because of this, is vital to have the right unit to store your microphone preamplifiers, processors, mixers, power conditioners, wireless gear and other things that come with your audio equipment. For this purpose, you need to invest in server transport case, not just any case but quality one. However, not all cases are designed the same what makes the decision of choosing the right one even more challenging. It is of main importance to choose the one that will be high quality, durable and sturdy so you can have you gear highly protected.

When looking for the right server transport case, is essential to have a clear understanding of the ‘U’ letter. This means you need to pay attention to the height and the width of the case.

  • Top to bottom – A transport case with 4.45cm in height is considered as standard. If you are not sure about the rack space you need for your audio gear, you can use rack ruler. It is a tool that features rack unit intervals and centimetres.

  • Left to right – These racks are usually 48cm wide. You may find that some gear is described as half-rack or third-rack. These sizes will provide you with the ability to store more pieces of your equipment into the unit.

The other thing that is also important is to know how to properly store your audio gear when transporting from one gig to another.

  • Choosing the right depth is vital. There should be enough space not just for the gear but for any connectors and cables that need to stay plugged. You need to choose your rack based on your equipment. If your gear is not very deep, you can go with some lighter model that will save you a lot of space during the transport.

  • Balance the server case. This is important if you don’t want the case to fall down during the ride and damage your gear. Store our heavier equipment first, and then place the lighter items at the top. This will balance the case while also make it easier to carry and lift.

  • Warmth can be harmful to electronic equipment, especially for the amplifier. If an amplifier becomes too hot, make sure you leave at least one empty space above in the rack. This will allow airflow in space and prevent your gear from becoming overheated.

There are also some other accessories that you may find useful, such as:

  • Rack shelves – these accessories are perfect for gear that is not designed to be rack mounted. They are not permanent, which means you can use them only when you need them.

  • Rack drawers – Maybe you haven’t considered of adding a drawer in your server transport case but it is a great accessory that will provide you with the place to store all that stuff that needs to be with your gear like cable tester, mixer table, remote controls, etc.

  • Black panels – These accessories are a great way to fill the empty spaces in your case while giving it more finished look. A great thing is that they come in a variety of designs and styles to choose from.

Protecting your gear is important so it is worth the effort of choosing the right server transport case for storing all your audio equipment and keep it safe for the next gig.


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