Great Ways to Use a Yoga Bolster

It does not matter if you are a passionate yoga practitioner or not, having a yoga bolster at home is a must-have accessory. People found this item very useful and they use it in various ways, for example, some use it when they want to rest and stretch their legs after a busy day at work to improve blood flow in their bodies, some use it to reduce stress or when dealing with fatigue, pregnant women who are taking prenatal yoga classes also find this cushion helpful because they get better support for the lower back, and people who are dealing with minor or major body injuries use yoga bolster to get more comfortable position while healing.

And again, it does not matter if you are a yoga practitioner or not, one thing you should keep in mind is that you have to buy yoga bolster that comes in a variety of colours, sizes, material and filling, and use it during your yoga practices or at home.

buy yoga bolsters

There are numerous positions in which you can use a yoga bolster but in order for you to get the best of it, we provided a list of some great ways on how to use and rest on it experiencing many benefits along the way. Just keep in mind to practice any of the following positions between 5 to 15 minutes not more than that, close your eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy. Remember to adjust your yoga bolster until you find that super comfortable position because that is the key to success.

  • Relaxation position- Savasana

    This is the most loved and the most popular position among the yoga practitioners. It allows you to relax completely and to unite your body and mind as one. If you want to avoid lying on a hard surface you can consider placing a blanket or other soft cover underneath the body allowing it to soften down into the ground. Once you have all organized, you can lay down on the blanket, place the bolster under your knees and allow your legs and feet to float freely. Cast away all the negative thoughts, concentrate on what you have been doing and take a deep breath exhaling everything out of your body. Stay in this relaxing position for 5 to 15 minutes. You can get used to this position every time you come back stressed-out from work or after a busy day taking care of your kids.

  • Allow your chest to open with a supported backbend position

    If you are a yoga practitioner then you have to start and finish your yoga practice in this position. How does it work? First place a blanket on the ground, take your bolster and put it vertically behind you in the direction of your lower back, stretch both your legs and arms to the side with your palms open, relax the shoulders and take a deep breath. If you stay in this position at least 5 minutes you will immediately experience that the front area of your body is open and you’ll improve the work of your digestive organs for sure.

  • Buy yoga bolster to combat insomnia

    If you are going through some sleeping issues we dare you to try this enjoyable position that is also known as a child pose. Why? Simply because you have to only pull your bolster between your legs, then lay on your stomach with your face down on the bolster looking into, either the right or the left direction and rest the front of your body on it. Breathe into your kidneys and relax the muscles in your lower back area. Stay in that position as it is recommended not more than 5 minutes.


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