Literature Response Good Grief by Granger E. Westberg

Granger’s writing is important because he gave his understanding of the grieving stages and connected medicine, religion and health care. His experience and working at the University of Chicago helped him to create one of the most satisfying and explanatory papers on the subject “grief”. In his book Good Grief, Granger explains the 10 stages of grief. One of his major concerns is the grief caused by infertility – something he dealt with a lot in his days as a medical practician.

I adore this book! At the very beginning, I was not sure if I should buy it because in the short summary I read that one of the the main characters died, but the name of the book intrigued me too much to let go! This book was amazing, the best story I have read in my life. I totally found myself in this story, the explanation of grief and loss, the depiction of how a person reacts in such situations in life and how how comic it may seem at times. I laughed, cried and shouted, I became part of this interesting world where the characters were a part of my family.


Having lost my sister, I became an only child. After losing my parents just three years later, I became lost and depressed while trying to raise my children. But in life you need to learn to move forward and process all the stages of grief – Granger explains it all.

The serious tone of the story gave me a reality check how our lives change in a dynamic way and how we can deal with them when things go down the drain. With the help of this book, my life has become an adventure full of surprises and every time I go out and hang out with my friends and family I feel happiness and no worries.

I have recommended this book to a lot of my friends who are going through the same hardship. Life is like that – bad things happen even when everything is going according to your plan, but with the help of this book you see other dimensions, learn how many phases of grief there are and how much time one should spend for each one of them.

Good Grief was published in 1962 and the tone touches upon the ways in which previous generations dealt with grief. There are many examples that are understandable for both genders even though it was written in a period when there still was a great distinction between men and women regarding the way in which they express emotion, therefore the pieces of advise from this book can be used even today.


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