Beginners Guide To Buying A Dive Light

So you have decided to go on an adventurous trip with your friends diving around in the lake during the night. Well, it does really sound interesting and inviting, but you cannot surrender completely to the adventure if you go unprepared and without the right gear for that purpose. That is why you have to buy yourself professional underwater diving lights that can illuminate even the darkest waters and will help you discover the underwater treasure and the beauty of the sea world.


But how can you know which one offers the best quality light underwater and which one will best meet your requirements? Just carefully read this brief guide and the next thing is to see yourself buying the right underwater light ready to face the challenges of the diving adventure ahead.

Tip number one: Decide which style is your favourite one

Searching on the internet you will be surprised to see that there is an array of options of underwater diving lights that come in a range of sizes from compact handheld lights if you plan to dive during the day to lantern-style lights if the night dives are your favorite ones.

Facing a wreck or cave dive challenge, you have to consider buying canister lights because this type of underwater lights is much brighter than the standard flashlights. And how do they work? They work and supply a light via a wire that is connected to a battery source in a canister which you keep it on your waist. The purpose will define which type will work best for you or your friends and which one is a worthwhile investment.


Tip number two: Avoid underwater diving lights which have a label with a waterproof sign on it!

Why is this important? Because these lights might resist water but will nor withstand the pressure of deep submersion. You would certainly not want to end up with your light off because it was crushed under pressure. That is why you should browse for dive lights that wear a label water-tight and pressure-proof.

Tip number three: Purchase underwater lights with rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries are the way to go because the other options can burn very quickly and you can easily find yourself in a “light out” situation in the midst of your diving adventure, plus if you opt for this type of batteries you can save money and you will also reduce landfill waste.

Tip number four: vast range of bulb types

You have to arm yourself with the right knowledge which type of bulb is the best option for your underwater dive torch. It is recommended to purchase LEDs bulbs because they are more effective but cost more, and on the other hand, you can take an advantage of the less expensive versions like tungsten and halogen bulbs that use more batteries and are dimmer at the same time.


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