Bar Stool Guide: Different Types, Material And Size

Okay, you are done with arranging your new kitchen. Even you have placed each piece in the right place, you still think that something is missing? You made a beautiful kitchen bar, but what is its purpose without having a place to sit and enjoy your drink, right? So, if you want to make the most use of your home bar, then buying bar stools should be your next project. There are plenty of bar stool designs, materials and colours available in the market, so if you are not sure about your preferences, buying the right one can be confusing. If don’t know from where to start, we suggest you to sit down and read this simple guide so you can make more informed decision.


Sitting on a bar stool with wrong height is annoying and uncomfortable. Because you invest in these furniture pieces so you can use them for your needs on a daily basis, height is an important consideration. If you want to be sure you are making the right choice, measure your bar from the bottom to the top and then subtract for about 25cm. A bar stool should always fit comfortably under the bar table. If you think that you will not make the right decision when it comes to height, you have the option to buy adjustable stools. They will give you the ability to adjust the height according to your needs.


Bar stools are versatile pieces and come in different styles. When looking to find the right bar stool, consider the style of your kitchen. Make sure the choice you make will complement your bar in the best possible way. If you want to create more formal look then consider traditional style stools. Modern and contemporary design stools feature sleek lines and seat made of metal, plastic or molded wood while transitional bar stools can match almost any home décor.


Bar stools can be made of just about any material. But among all of them, there are some that are commonly used by furniture manufacturers. Bar stools made of wood create a traditional look for any bar are while making your room feel more inviting and warmer. A great benefit of these stools is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. Another commonly used material is metal. Metal bar stools are weather-resistant what makes them a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor. Upholstered bar stools offer style and comfort. They make the whole atmosphere more inviting but are not the right choice if you have small kids. When it comes to cleaning you need to catch spills right away, otherwise the whole process with become a tough project. If you like the modern and contemporary style, then consider of buying plastic bar stools. They come in a variety of colours and are extremely durable.

We all have different preferences, styles and needs. So make sure your choice of bar stools will match all your requirements.


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