How To Grow Climbing Plants Australia

Do you know that growing climbing plants are not only an ideal option for your small garden or fences but that maintaining and keeping them beautiful is also an art?

If you decide to treat you garden with some colourful flowers, plenty of green foliage and pleasant fragrances this coming spring, then without a doubt, you have to purchase climbing plants Australia online nurseries supply you with. Climbing plants come in many different species, with flowers blooming in all possible colours, they grow slowly, ask a surprisingly low maintenance and yet have that breathtaking sight when grown in your yard or on your balcony.

climbing plants Australia

If you want to know more about how to grow them, which support will be the best option, when to grow them and how to take care of their foliage, simply follow these useful steps and enjoy in their rich landscape every time you drink cold drinks in the summer or when you stand in front of your balcony windows.

  • Why do people grow climbing plants?

    This is a very simple question, people usually use and grow them for many different purposes such as, to scale the side of a house or wall, to cover up some ugly or plain fence, to sparkle some dark corners in the garden, or as a ground cover when there are holes or a compost heap.

  • Which is the best season for planting climbing plants?

    Spring is definitely the ideal season for planting these wonderful plants. You can try planting them in fall or summer but without any guarantee.

  • How do they grow and do they need a support?

    The name says it all, they are climbing plants and can either grow, vertically or horizontally. When growing vertically, they need a support, a little something to cling to. If you buy a self-supporting climbing plants Australia nurseries abound with, then you won’t need any extra support to cover the wall or if you want you can cover your entire house with them. But if your plans are to use them as a fence detail, then you will definitely need to fix up a network of wires to support their growth. You can also use some old stalks, trees, trellis panels or any kind of firm support.

  • Where to plant them and how to maintain them healthy?

    First, determine the sunny spots in your front or backyard (these plants thrive in sun), then dig deeper holes, place them in them and cover their roots with lots of soil. And when it comes to which type of soil is good for them? The good news is that they tolerate various types of soil, but you can always improve its quality if you add an organic compost from time to time, which is important for their healthy foliage and flowers.

    Keep in mind to water the climbing plants regularly, especially in some hot summer days they need a double amount of water as it evaporates faster than in winter.


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