Fashion Trends of the 80s That Left a Mark

Just like seasons, trends come and go, but good style is something that never goes out of fashion. And as a matter of fact, the 80s were a time when everything was on a whole other level; the bold attitude in fashion was something that left a mark for many years to come and today, there are still some traces of the ultimate fashion trends of the 80s that seem to have never completely faded away. Fanny packs, slogan t-shirts, scrunchies, sweaters tied around the neck…even today, years after all that fashion revolution, we still hold on tight to these precious fashionable pieces of clothing and accessories. And that is definitely for a reason; they give such a dose of coolness to any outfit that it would be a fashion sin not to incorporate some cool pieces in your daily looks.

So, if you were looking to bring some of the 80’s flare to your wardrobe, I present you some of the greatest fashion trends of the 80s that left a mark in the fashion industry.


Yes, the number one attraction in the world of fashion back in the days were definitely pieces of clothing in neon colors. In fact, even if it were just a simple t-shirt, it was considered a cool one if it were in such a day-glo color. Awesome patterns, designs and prints are not to be left out from this list, as they did spice up every outfit that was considered chic at the time.

fashion trends of the 80s

Boat Shoes

Going out for a party on a yacht with your gang? Boat shoes were a must if men wanted to show that they have a sense of style and were headed in places where money rolls around. Yes, ladies loved when their men wore them; both sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. Such a plus.

fashion trends of the 80s 1

Lace Accessories

Today’s “all black everything” is literally a style equivalent to the “all lace everything” type of trend back in the 80s. Lace details on dresses, lace gloves, lace headbands, and yes, lace lingerie. Literally, all lace everything was the way to do it for quite some time. Ladies had their ways to grab men’s attention, and wearing lace was a sure way to do it.


The one thing that seems to never go out of fashion – leggings. Be it simple black, neon-colored, printed ones or any other dazzling design, leggings substituted jeans for a certain period in the 80s. Men loved seeing them on women. And how wouldn’t they, they painted such a perfect picture of the body of those who wore it. It seems that women do like that kind of attention after all, as ever since there is hardly a woman who does not own a pair of these cuties. Ladies, kudos on your confidence and courage.

fashion trends of the 80s


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