Couple Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Garden

I am an outdoor person, and I want to be busy when it comes to maintaining my garden. The most thrilled sight that I want to welcome me when I wake up in the morning, is a scene of healthy and colourful garden. But in order to keep it like you desire, you must put some extra effort and to get well informed about the do’s and don’ts.


I will share some useful tips from my long-year experience how to maintain a healthy garden, stay tuned!

  • Everyone of us needs food in order to grow healthy and to stay in good shape, so do the gardens. Soil- is the necessary food for the plants to grow and to produce healthy and juicy products. It is important to put the soil in the right place and to turn it with spade, at least once a month, if not more. It is good to add some healthy nutrients to your soil naturally. So the key to it, is to make your own organic compost out of different fruit or vegetable peels, leaves or food waste, that way you’ll keep your soil lose and peak for a longer period.
  • Water your garden regularly! Doing so, you will prevent your garden plants from fading, they will survive thanks to the right amount of moisture. Knowing the fact that most plants are made up of over 90 % water, it is essential to keep them hydrated. A significant tip: always water your garden plants in the mornings! Because the mornings are usually cooler, so less water will be lost through evaporation. If you are busy type of person that doesn’t have much time to water the plants, but you still want to enjoy the benefits of your garden, then simply consider plants that can retain moisture longer and require less watering.


  • Use gardening tools. Every kitchen chef values great knife collection, so do the gardeners need the adequate tools in order to keep the garden healthy. Wheelbarrows, spades, mowers and quality rakes are the basic weapons against hard and crumbly soil.
  • Creating the best space for your garden plants is the number one priority. More vegetables and fruit trees need to bask in direct sunlight, so think wisely when planting the right plant on the right spot.
  • One thing that is pleasing to the eye, but in the same time keeps the soil cool and good for suppressing weeds, is the Mulch. It is optional and it does not need to be expensive, if you have mowed a lawn recently, you can collect the grass from your lawnmower and place it on the surface of the soil. Your garden will certainly have more attractive green look.
  • Watch for insects. Keep in mind that many insects are beneficial, but there are some that are causing damage to the fruit or plant, which means that a control measure needs to be taken. If you are not sure how to control insects in your garden, simply take a bug, a damaged leaf or even a fruit and give it to further testing in any local lab, that way you will get recommendations which steps to take.

    I do hope that you found these tips useful, and that from now on you will take better care of your home treasure – a healthy garden.




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