The History of Adult Products

When you want get the spark in your bed, or you just want to buy your friend some fun toy, searching for adults products Australia has a lot to offer. Yeah, from dildos to cock rings, from vibrators to pumps there are numerous choices from you to choose. Now in every city in Australia, you can find sex-shops. You notice many various of kinky-sparkers and some new innovations that offer you pleasure that was not imaginable. But you ask yourself: Where did it all start? Did Wilma Flintstone use a dildo to pleasure herself when Fred was away? What did Caesar use? We know the Greeks had a lot, you know because the precise anatomy of the genitals, if you know what I mean? The last one was a no-brainer really.

Adult Products

The first artefact that is considered a sex-toy was found by palaeontologists dates to the Palaeolithic era. It is a dildo made from siltstone and polished with gloss, but it is debated whether was used for religious ritual or personal pleasure. Generally, palaeontologist who has puritanical mindset cannot be persuaded that some religious rituals went with sexual acts. Still, it is a fact that remains old dildos were found near personal artefacts lime sewing needles and combs. You probably got the idea on how nightstand and nightstand’s drawers were invented.

The next level of pleasure toys were perfected by the Greeks and Romans. With worshipping so many gods, they had also sex god called Bacchus or Liber. They worshipped with rituals and ceremonies by parading the city streets, where big-sized phalluses were raised up like protest signs. At the end of the ceremony, a priestess would come forth and put a crown on the religious phallus with a bouquet of flowers.


Both man and women in Rome and Greece used dildos for their pleasure. In the anti-war comedy “Lysistrata”, women debate among themselves about using dildos and sharing them while restraining sex from their husbands to stop the war. Men who went off to fight the wars also gave their wives “olisbos” to prevent the state of hysteria (lack of sperm).

There are stories that the legendary, most beautiful women in Egypt – Cleopatra has invented the first vibrator. This vibrator was made of gourd hollowed and fill with bees. Yes, BEES! If this is true then Cleopatra was one brave woman! Even though it is a just a story, Cleopatra probably used stone and wood curved dildos like the other women in her time. There is even a historical record of Caesar giving Cleopatra a carved, gold inlaid penis sculpture. Well, now we know there were kinky people even in that time!

Back to the east, the Chinese were also great innovators of female masturbation. In those days, wealthy Chinese men had too many wives for them to service regularly. They thought if the provide them with penis substitutes, would prevent those wives from trying lesbianism and faithful. Chinese dildos were generally made back then, from a bronze cast and other materials. Some of them, like Cleopatra’s dildo, were hollow and allowed liquid to be released at the right time. One thing comes in my mind after learning the Chinese history of dildos and it is George Takei words “Oh my!”.

Well when we say India the first thing that comes to mind is “Kama Sutra”Virgins in this country were sought and reviled. You think the people who invented “69” would be more sex-positive. The blood that comes out of the Vagina was thought to be dirty and avoided by their new spouse. On their wedding day, a holy priest would show and break the hymen so the marriage could be spiritually legalized.

As we go to the 20th century, with all that technology that came through the years, new materials, new mechanism was invented and made for creating sex-toys easier. There was rubber and it was very popular. Small motors were put in dildos which gave vibrations that made women crazy. And the man sex-toys came with different pleasures magnets.

These days you can pick up sex toys everywhere in Australia. There are shops in every city, they are popular and not a taboo like in the past. The easiest way is to shop online, with a lot of offers free shipping and a whole spectre of your pleasure toys to satisfy you deep inner sexual desires.


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