Tips for Buying the Perfect Roller Skate

Welcome into the Kingdom of roller skates! Are you, dear skater, looking for the most suitable, fashionable and safety roller skates in order for you to perform fun, attractive and confident skate dance? If your answer is yes, then you are searching on the right site. Stay focused because in this brief and useful article we will guide you through some practical tips of how to buy the perfect roller skates.


The roller skates’ market is full of surprises, models, sizes and prices. You can either look in the nearest shop or browse online skates for sale, trust me you are going to be overwhelmed by the wide range of all varieties of skates, from recreational skates, speed skates, children’s skates to artistic ones.

One important thing each one should consider before buying brand new roller skates, is to decide whether the skating is going to be just his/her free time activity, or will become an obsession which will lead to professional performances. If you have considered this issue, then it is the right time to list some useful tips, to avoid misunderstandings and harmful mistakes.

  1. Tip: Find the right skate size

    It is super important to get the correct size of your new roller skates. If you have decided which roller skates best meet your needs and desires, it is time to carefully measure you foot, and in order to get the most accurate measurement, make sure to wear the socks you will normally wear when using the roller skates. Always look at the sizing tab on the skates!

  2. Tip: Different model – different pleasure

    Roller skates can be placed into four categories: aggressive skates, freeskates/powerblade, roller blades and quad skates.

    Aggressive skates are build to do tricks and stunts in the park or on the streets. They’ve got smaller wheels than the other skate types, with rigid ankle support. Even thou the material they are made of can vary (plastic, carbon fiber or softer material), their primary goal is to be super durable.

    Freeskates are more general, and people use it for skating in the city or some cost areas. They have a short wheel titan base and bigger wheels to keep speed and very solid boot made of hard shell. This type usually don’t have brake attached, but you can buy one from a specialized skate store. Powerblades are similar but are used mostly from people that want to perform limited aggressive style tricks. If you are looking for recreation, they purchase one of these two choices.

    Rollerblades– are type of skates used for leisure, for fun or for fitness. These skates have very light weight and are made from soft material, and at the same time pretty comfortable. They feature a brake usually on the right boot and have eighteen or nineteenth millimeter wheels.

    Quad skates are the old style skates that have four by four wheel formation. They traditionally feature a rubber brake or toe stop in front, that makes an easy and quick stop. Preferred by skaters with larder feet, because they increase their confidence and stability. All in all, these roller skates have gained popularity since the very beginning up till now.

  1. The wheels on the roller skates go round and round

    Very important feature! The roller skates’ wheels are the part that we have to be the most alert to. Pay attention to the wheel’s hardness, wheel’s diameter (because it affects overall acceleration, speed, stability and weight), wheel’s weight, core and material and the last thing you should pay attention to is the wheel’s colour.

There are more tips that deserve to be mentioned, but we hope that with the ones listed above, we helped you a little bit in purchasing a new pair of your future obsession sport. So go for it, you certainly won’t regret it!


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