Interesting and Funny Prank Call Ideas

Today, we’re presenting you our favorite, most interesting and funny prank call ideas. Without further ado, let’s go:

‘I hid the body as you told me’

Scaring your friends is so amusing that’s why the best pranks are usually those who you get to say over and over again, about the time when you scared them to death. Excellent prank for this is the classic – ‘I hid the body as you told me’, or ‘I buried the body where you wanted, waiting for further instructions’, after you say that hang up immediately. Wait until your friends tell you about the goosebumps they got when they got the call, or maybe they won’t say anything, hmm…

‘Bring Me Some Toilet Paper!’

Call a random restaurant (some with poor customer service) and complain about how you got stuck in their bathroom and there’s no toilet paper anywhere. Demand they bring you some, two rolls just in case and hang up. Oh, the panic and running you’ll start among the employees, how devious of you.

‘Is your refrigerator running?’

People might get mad at first but will definitely burst in laughs, few moments after they hear the joke. Dial a random number and simply ask them ‘Is your refrigerator running’, wait for their response. Assuming they’ll answer ‘Yes’, you respond with ‘Hurry, go catch it, before it runs away’ and hang up. The pranked person is bound to have a good laugh too, unless he’s grumpy, then no, he’ll definitely be furious.


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