40 Days In The Word – Learn, Love And Live The Bible

Few Words About The Author

Rick Warren or like it is often referred as the America’s most influential spiritual leader is an established pastor, global strategist, author, philanthropist and theologian. He is the founder of the successful Saddleback Church, located in Oregon County, California, and ever since its beginning in 1980, the church became the best-known, most visited and one of the largest churches in America, with about 22 000 weekly attendees.

But, Rick’s work would be nothing without the help of his wife Kay. They both are passionate about and devoted to global missions like: cutting off egocentric leadership, clearing spiritual emptiness, resolving extreme poverty and bringing literacy to children in the ‘third World’ countries.


“How many times do members of your church doubt God’s Word, fall prey to others who attack its reliability or not live out its content? Too many of God’s people don’t know God’s Word, don’t really believe God’s Word or don’t ‘do’ God’s Word. 40 Days in the Word will transform your people from ‘hearers’ to ‘doers.’”

Rick Warren

As an author, Rick has written a number of books, like the number one and best-selling “The Purpose Driven Life” with over 30 million copies sold around the world. He is also an author of the amazing “the Hope You Need: From The Lords Prayer, God’s Answers To Live Difficult Questions and many more. His latest work is a program called 40 days in the word, which is a program specially designed for churches, with the sole purpose to make you be both hearer and doer of God’s word.

Rick Warren believes that people don’t believe God’s word. They hear it, but don’t implement it in their life. Rick created this program, so people could understand God’s word and gradually learn to implement it in their lives.

The program involves learning the Bible through reading, sermons, small books, study groups, individual daily devotions and through all church programs. Although constituted as a program, Rick says this is also a campaign and a leadership factory that will make you be the leader in your everyday life.

What Rick is trying to say is that the Bible was given not simply to increase our knowledge, but to change our lives. We need to change our lifestyle inside. We need not only to learn the God’s word but to implement it in our lives too.
According to Rick, the Bible was given to us not only to inform but to transform. I’m quoting:

“The Bible was given not just to give us bigger heads, but to give us a bigger hearts that we can live life to the fullest the way God intended.”.

“Don’t just be a hearer, be a doer of the word.”

Through this six principle program, Rick will teach us that God doesn’t want us to just learn the Bible. He wants us to live it and experience it in its fullest glory.


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