Best Cleaning Sponges For Your Kitchen

Cooking is an art that everyone possess. It is a matter of time when you will discover it. While cooking and eating the freshly cooked dishes is extremely easy and pleasant “task”, cleaning up all the pots, pans, and dishes can be daunting. The time spent on cooking those culinary delightful dishes is nothing when compared to the time we spend on cleaning up the mess.


A good kitchen sponge can really cut your cleaning time, from scrubbing the stovetop to cleaning culinary knives, pots and pans. Even though a simple thing, there are actually a lot of different types of sponges to choose from, including simple cellulose sponges, all-purpose sponges and heavy-duty cleaning tools. Have a peek at the best cleaning sponges of all time.

  • Cellulose Sponges – The most common and classic types of cleaning sponges are the cellulose sponges. They usually have a rectangular shape and come in a variety of colours, including green, blue, yellow, pink, and green. These types of sponges are extremely affordable and handy and, what’s more, important they are made of 100% cellulose, so they do not include any abrasive coating. This is just a prove that they are safe for cleaning nonstick pans and other delicate kitchen tools.
  • Dish Brushes – Dish brushes are great for cleaning greasy, tough and stubborn stains. They consist of a plastic body and handle that includes multiple stiff plastic bristles.
  • All-Purpose Sponges – Besides dish brushes, all-purpose sponges are another heavy-duty cleaning tool that have a soft cellulose sponge, so the user can choose which side to use depending on the job and type of surface. The all-purpose sponges are perfect for cleaning kitchen surfaces because they are super absorbent with added abrasive power. Environmentally friendly shoppers can look for green-branded abrasive all-purpose scouring sponges like the”Naturals All Purpose Scouring Sponge” x 2pk by Vileda. Made from coconut shells, these cleaning sponges provide powerful scrubbing. They are designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Plastic Mesh Scourers – Plastic mesh scorers are perfect for cleaning any type of surface, from glass to cast iron. They represent a bundle of plastic mesh tied together. They are not absorbent and are an alternative to traditional steel wool and other metallic cleaners.

Whether the type of cleaning sponge you choose, make sure it is suitable for cleaning a particular surface. Otherwise, you are running the risk of damaging the surface.


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