The Suggested Gay Movies on Netflix In 2015

What a time to be alive for the members of the LGBT community, especially now when same-sex marriages have been acknowledged as legal in USA since June 26, 2015. Slowly but surely the progress towards acceptance, equality and justice and against discrimination and violence is happening, awareness is spreading. For those of you who belong in this community and the fellow supporters as well, we’ve prepared a description of our two most favorite gay movies on Netflix. Honor Pride day and celebrate the progress that has been made for the queer population by watching some of these films which explore profound stories granted to strike anyone with compassion.


#1 “Weekend” (2011)

Some say that “Weekend” is the ultimate gay movie, a must watch actually. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, honoring pride is the ideal occasion for you to watch it now. One of the rare movies that depict the queer experience perfectly, explore the sex intimacy and love between two men. Up close emotional insight about two strangers exposing their vulnerabilities and forming a bond.

#2 “Blue is the Warmest Colour” (2013)

Many critics agree this movie is a LGBT movie masterpiece, an endearing work of art, magnificent in every aspect, captures the bittersweet journey we all go through called love and real life. Long and explicit movie, not one you would watch with children and parents. Passionate and heartbreaking this authentic movie gives a sensitive look into the joys and heartbreak of first love. A story about two girls, A French teenage girl searching for direction and meaning, meets a blue haired young woman, an aspiring painter, through whom she discovers desire and passion ultimately leading her to assert herself as a woman, seek herself and grow through pain, loss and love. The color blue is present throughout the whole movie as a symbol for sadness, curiosity, ecstasy, love, passion.


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