Junction Boxes: Purpose and Types

Intro into Junction Boxes

A junction box is a device that is used for containing and confining electrical installation components such as wires, connections, cables, switches, electrical current circuits, etc. Junction boxes increase the safety and the aesthetic appeal in the places where such electrical elements are exposed to sight. Both, residential and commercial users choose to buy junction box as a reliable option to conceal electrical junctions from sight.

plastic   enclosures

In general, junction boxes are made from metal or from robust plastic, and in rectangular or square shape. All of the boxes from this type feature a door on their front side, which enables access to the content inside them. Junction boxes care usually placed high inside a wall, while only the front part is made to be visible. Once you buy junction box you can use it for decades, unless at some point you have to upgrade and expand significantly the wiring within your building.

Types of Junction Boxes

There are two main types of junction boxes. If you are looking to buy junction box for your residential or commercial building you can choose between two options:

  • Junction Boxes For Ordinary Facilities

    This is an all-purpose type of junction boxes which can be used in wide range of facilities where there are no specific safety precautions. These boxes are used mainly in residential locations for normal electrical installation circumstances and power outage spending.

  • Junction Boxes For Hazardous Facilities

    If you need to buy junction box for a commercial facility where the worker’s safety and productivity depends on the reliable protection from adverse environmental factors such as dust, humidity and exposure to explosive and hazardous gasses, go for the junction boxes that are specially designed for such type of industrial facilities.

Moreover, junction boxes are classified depending their rating in amps (there are 5, 20 and 30apm boxes), and the number of terminals (3, 4, 5 or 6) they come with. These two features are determined from the actual electrical current circuit, or more specifically from the circuit rating. This means that, you should choose and buy junction box that would best fit in the specific requirements of the electrical installation in your residential or commercial building. And the best way to determine the exact features (type, rating and number of terminals) of the junction boxes you need to buy is to ask for a professional help and assistance.


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