Custom Ear Plugs – Protect Your Hearing

Dealing with hearing loss is devastating, but feeling uncomfortable even when wearing a hearing aid is much more difficult. Fortunately, with the constant hearing technology improvement, today we can take advantage of a vast of custom ear plugs Australia offers. To be sure that you are going to get the best for your money, you need to find a reliable clinic that offers superior quality hearing aids and ear plugs.
Professional custom ear plugs Australia audiologists state that this is a completely painless procedure, where an experienced audiologist will syringe a silicone material into the outer ear and ear canal to determine the size and shape of your ear. The example will be sent away to the manufacturer and they will make a custom made earplugs to the shape and size of your ear.

custom earplugs Australia

Today we can enjoy in different types of custom made earplugs designed for different purposes. For example, there are specially designed earplugs for swimmers and musicians. Keep on reading to discover the different types of custom made earplugs and its purposes.

  • Musicians – Live amplified music is an important part of some people’s lives. However, it can cause irreversible hearing loss, so protecting a musician’s hearing is a must. You can do that by using a custom made musician earplugs. They consist of a filter attached to a silicon ear plug, customized to the shape of the ear. These earplugs are designed to reduce the sound level without compromising the quality of the music.
  • Noise – People who are exposed to very loud industrial noises in daily life need to wear a custom made earplugs. For example, power tool users, builders, construction workers, aircraft operators, industrial workers, etc., are exposed to constant noise, which can cause irreversible hearing loss, so to protect their hearing, a custom made solid noise earplugs are their best option. Solid noise plugs are designed to give the best noise protection by reducing noise by up to 40 dB (decibels).
  • Swimmers – Showering, surfing or swimming can lead to water entering the ear canals causing ear infections and irritations. That is why many people need to wear a custom swimmer’s earplugs to protect their ears. Made out of a soft silicone, swimmer’s earplugs are extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Sleeping Earplugs – Having a good night’s sleep is essential. Unfortunately, for some people, it is impossible to have a good night’s sleep because of a snoring partner, traffic noise, having noisy neighbours or because of living in a loud household. Custom sleeping earplugs are their best option to reducing these noises. They are made from a soft silicone material which is comfortable and safe to wear completely blocking the outer noise.

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