Birds of the Bible by Peter Goodfellow: Book Review

Whether a birdwatcher or not, “Birds Of The Bible” is a real treat. This book is a fascinating combination of two passions, the birds and the Bible. It is and an engaging and interesting book about all the bird species mentioned in the Bible and explaining the message they bring and their symbolism

The first chapter of the book is about with the location and conditions of the Bible lands and continues to the creation of birds from both fossil remains, Psalm and Genesis. It is astonishing the author’s knowledge of birds and comparisons of all bird names in different versions of the Bible and in both English and Hebrew. With great precision, Peter Goodfellow teaches us about the clean and unclean birds and clarify us all bird families that could be meant.


The following chapter explores how clear birds could be eaten, bird migration, Job’s birds, the connection between birds and Jesus, as well as nesting and singing birds. The information related to bird migration, Job’s birds, the common belief in the 18th century that birds hid during the winter, to patterns of their today’s migration, along with maps, was thrilling and informative and made me wish that it was great and safer to visit Egypt and Israel back then.

Some piece in the book is written about in detail while others (for example, those whose identity is controversial) get less attention. The chapter of eagles and vultures ( which have a name in the Bible), contrasted their different gifts to humanity, relevant until today. Sacrifice is mentioned a number of times in the book, as birds were a part of the ancient sacrificial rituals a number of times, which, fortunately, are irrelevant today.

Birds are mentioned repeatedly in the Bible. They play a big role in illustrating Peter’s intentions and in describing the story characters. Illustrated with beautiful watercolours, this book reveals the significance and identity of all bird species in the Old and New Testaments.

Birds Of The Bible is a must read a book for those who have passion for both birds and Bible. As both church person and bird watcher, Birds Of The Bible is a very good read and one I can recommend even if you like the Bible and not bird watching or vice versa. Buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone who loves Bible and birds. Believe me, you will enjoy this book by the English teacher and lifelong birdwatcher Peter Goodfellow.


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