Best Ways To Clean Hardwood Floors

If there were any contest between various types of floors inside the home, hardwood definitely would be a clear winner. And surely for a good reason. The character and natural look of hardwood floors making your home feel inviting and warm. If you are hardwood floor owner, you have probably scratched you head trying to find the best possible ways of how to keep your floor clean and to make it shine like brand new. In addition, we will provide you with an easy-to-follow guide that gets you the best looking hardwood floors.

Basic Care

Start the cleaning process by dusting the floor using floor mop. Use one that is treated with a dusting agent to pick up dirt, dust and pet hair from the floor surface. For weekly cleaning, use a vacuum with a floor-brush attachment or an electric broom. Avoid beater bar attachments as they can scratch the finish of your hardwood floor. For quick dusting, you can use disposable electrostatic cloths you can find available in the stores.

Deeper Cleaning

Oil, grime and dirt build up over time and can not be completely removed by a weekly mopping. For deeper cleaning use a hardwood cleaning products and follow the label instructions. Saturate a sponge or floor mop into the water, then wring it good so it will feel only slightly damp to the touch. Damp-mop the floor and then rinse with a clean floor mop, but only if the cleaning product requires it.

Removing Marks

Before start with removing marks, consider the finish of your hardwood floor. If the stain is on the surface, you have hard finish floor, if the stain has penetrated through, then your floor is soft oiled finish. To remove a mark from a hard surface, you need a clean, soft cloth. Avoid steel wool, harsh chemicals or sandpaper because these products tend to damage the finish. The next few procedures are for soft oiled finishes.

  • Pet stains and dark spots

Rub the floor with floor wax and steel wool. If it’s still dark, apply vinegar or bleach and then rinse with a damp cloth.

  • Hell marks

Use fine steel wool so you can rub in floor wax.

  • Oil-base stains

Use a soft cloth and regular dish-washing detergent. Rinse with water. If this not work, repeat the procedure once more.

  • White stains or water marks

Rub the floor with steel wool and floor wax. If the stain goes deeper, clean with fine steel wool and odorless mineral spirits.


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