Things To Consider When Buying Outdoor Light Fixtures

Outdoor light fixtures set the tone of the home and say a lot about the homeowner. Generally they are one of the first things people notice when they look at your property.

Available in numerous different sizes, types, styles and quality levels, you should get to know the basics before you buy them.



Size is an important consideration that many tend to overlook. Keep in mind that a light fixture on display in a lighting store may look large in store, but when mounted on your house it may look really small. So, before you decide each fixture to choose you should make a model of the fixture. For that you can cut out a piece of paper the size of the fixture and place it to your house. Then get a distance away from the house. Take a look to see how the fixture looks. It is big, small or just right?


The biggest problem with most outdoor light fixtures is the amount of glare they produce. A great example for that are the flood lights that many tend to place on their garage that turn on when somebody drives into the yard. The glare of these lights blind you so can actually see nothing until your eyes get used to them.

When it comes to outside light, you don’t need a strong one. In reality is the contrast produced by a little light that allows you see – just like the moon. So, buy outdoor light fixtures that do not produce glare and use frosted light bulbs.



It is a fact that good quality products are more expensive than poor quality ones. And, they represent a better value as well. Like for example, if you are planning to live in your house for an undetermined period of time, it is worth to get a better fixture once rather than a cheap light fixture twice or three times. That applies especially for those who live in a harsh climate.


Style is totally a matter of personal taste. From colonial to ultra-modern and everything in between, outdoor light fixtures can be found in a wide range of styles. You should consider what looks good on your house. A variety of different finishes are available too including raw copper, dark brass, antique brass, raw brass, green verdigris and brown finish. While all might look great for you, but choose the one that can complement the best the style of your house.


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