Want be a Freight Mover? Read this

The freight movers make an important part in every freight moving company. As the freight moving industry has been growing in Australia in the recent decades, freight mover has become one of the high-in-demand professions. Hence the increased interest of many people for this career option.


If you’ve been thinking about choosing a freight mover career, before you start your quest for a freight moving company, you need to make sure that this job is right for you. The first two pointers showing that you are likely to succeed in this career are: you are a sociable person and a good team player and you don’t mind working in shifts. One of the main advantages of the freight moving career is that minimal training is required.

How To Become A Freight Mover?

Before we give you the directions towards becoming a freight mover, take a look at the basic duties that are expecting you in the freight moving company.

You will be in charge of:

  • Loading the freights that you will be transporting;
  • Preparing the freights for pick up;
  • Ensuring proper storage of the freights (mostly depending on the products type);
  • Ensuring save and on-time delivery of the freights;
  • Operating with warehouse equipment, including: forklifts, hand-operated trucks, pallet jacks, etc;

Education and Training

To work in a freight moving company as a freight mover, you don’t need a university degree. When it comes to formal education, most employers require only a high school diploma.

The preparation for the job includes completing a special training program which is usually prepared and conducted by the employer.

Depending on the requirement of the freight moving company, it will take you from six months up to one year to complete the training program.

After completing the training program you will be familiarized with: the inventory control and operating methods; the techniques for loading and unloading the freights; the operation of forklifts, hand trucks, pallet jacks and more.

Important Skills

First and foremost, to become a freight mover, you must be in a good physical condition, because your daily work routine will include bending, lifting and carrying products, which in more cases will be heavier. Also, you need to have a good mechanical skills, which are essential for operating with forklift and hydraulic pallet jacks. Moreover, a good freight movers have good organizational, communication and coordination skills as well as basic math skills.


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