Learn More About Antique & Vintage Mirrors

Decorating the home with unique antique and vintage mirrors has become a huge trend in the past few years. It is no wonder why in the past aristocrats and royals used these decorative pieces in their home to express their expensive taste and elegant style. Antiques are a proof that not even time can harm real beauty. What is so great about mirrors is beside their stylist feature, they have the ability to transform the room and bring the ambiance to a higher level, giving a feeling of a greater space.antiqued-mirror-vintage

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane with this brief history of mirrors:

  • The first glass mirror was invented by Romans in the remote first century. It was originally made from high quality polished bronze and silver.
  • Mirrors were given some special qualities that no other object had. However, in the medieval period they completely disappeared because at the time there were some religious beliefs that the devil was observing and watching the world from the other side and many people also believed that the miror can capture the soul of whoever is looking at it.
  • In the 16th century, Venetian masters invented a technique that was known as “flat mirror”. They made a special blend of gold and bronze and because of this all objects that reflected in the mirrors were looking much more beautiful than they actually were.
  • The first mirrors were luxurious and decorative items which were extremely expensive and were regarded as a status symbol. At that time, vintage mirrors were not used for practical purposes, but to enhance the look and decoration of palaces of nobility and great houses. A notable example of this is the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

Nevertheless their function in the past, mirrors remained popular items today both for practical purposes as well as a detail for a touch of glamour which also increases the sense of space and light.
There are various styles of unique antique mirrors available on the market today, and here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Gothic – Also known a s Medieval and Victorian Gothic, these mirrors relate to the 12-16th century. They are notable for their pointed arches at the top, dark wood frames and ornate carvings.
  • Baroque – What is characteristic for these antique mirrors is their oval shaped style with frames made from Walnut or Oak, often gilded with silver and gold. Baroque mirrors date back from the 17th century and they have less ornate carvings than Gothic mirrors.
  • Rocco – Oval and rectangular in shape with a flat base, Rocco antique mirrors usually come in gilded gold and the carvings on top of the frames are oftentimes of flowers.
  • Art Nouveau – The sinuous lines, nature inspired motifs and swirling designs are among the most recognizable features of these vintage mirrors. In order to add a more delicate finish to their design, stained glass is often used.

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