Efficient Kitchen Design: Tips From Professional Chefs

Ladies, I hear you loud and clear. You can’t stand the mess in the kitchen and the fact that you never have enough space for placing your groceries and your appliances and all those dishes and stuff… And all of a sudden you lose the desire to cook or prepare anything in that mess right? Of course. To find the solution to this problem, I’ve turned to the people that enjoy spending time in the kitchen the most and seem to never lose their desire to cook; professional chefs.cooktops

How do they control all that cooking traffic you ask? Simple; they have it all organized in a military fashioned way, and they are religiously devoted to keeping it that way. After all, the kitchen is their battlefield isn’t it? Plus, they do efficient cooking; fast, minimum use of cookware and a very good dishwasher.

Size isn’t the most important thing

Even if you have the largest kitchen possible, you’ll still have a problem organizing it if you don’t know how. Don’t simply assume that a large kitchen means order. It doesn’t. For people that aren’t into it, it just means more space to simply put staff. Or, if you have the largest cooktop, what purpose will it serve if you’re a very messy chef? So, work with what you have. What you should achieve is a kitchen designed for economy of movement.

The countertop means a lot

The countertop is probably the second most important piece of kitchen furniture, right after the cooktop. Or maybe even more important? Today’s chefs claim that a large countertop is far more important than a large cooktop. You need it for easy preparation of meals, salads and especially for making pie doughs.

Organization is key

The point of organization is to always know where everything is and to never have to look for it for hours right? It’s the same in the kitchen. When you know where every piece of cookware, glassware, cutlery, and additional equipment is, you’ll find it very easy and fast to prepare anything. Plus, getting everything right back on its place will also be easy, since you know – it has its place.

A sink or two?

So, if you consider yourself to be a messy chef, someone who prepares a lot of different dishes for a single meal, and have a big family, than two sinks are more than welcomed, especially if you don’t have a dishwasher. There’s nothing more scary than placing all the dirty dishes in front of you and simply telling you how much you’ll need to stand over the sink and wash them. Two sinks can collect all dishes in them, making the job look less terrifying.
In conclusion, it’s important to know on which kitchen elements you should pay special attention when creating the perfect efficient kitchen. Appliances like refrigerators, cooktops, and stove aren’t really negotiable, but the size of the countertop and the sinks is. So, be economical in all aspects of kitchen designing, and you won’t face the kitchen mess – problem again.

In collaboration with Goldine Corp, Australia


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