Types of Cleaning Gloves To Protect Your Hands

Cleaning the home thoroughly is indeed a daunting task by itself, but if we add all the possible hazards that may come along, it becomes even more complex engagement that requires working with the right cleaning products and equipment.

Removing the dust, dirt and grime directly expose your hands to bacteria and hazardous chemicals from the high-toxic cleaning products, so the first thing to ensure before starting the cleaning task is optimal hand protection. For this purpose, there are various types of cleaning gloves that provide specialized hand protection for appropriate cleaning. Let’s take a look at the types of cleaning gloves you may consider buying for your future safe and effective cleaning projects.


Disposable Gloves

They are commonly made out of latex, nitrile or polyethylene, which makes disposable gloves to be easily stretchable and suitable to any hand-size, no matter if small or large hands. In other words, disposable gloves are practically the same type of gloves used in medicine. They make the perfect hand protection tool for quick and simple cleaning jobs. When using high-toxic or acidic cleaning products, make sure that the disposable gloves you are using are thick enough to withstand the toxicity and acidity of the product. Disposable gloves can be frequently found in the paint section of most of the conventional stores.

  • Which cleaning tasks to use them for?

– General cleaning
– Cleaning small items
– Scrubbing small spaces and crevices
– Cleaning toilets

All-Purpose Cleaning Gloves

These gloves are made out of either rubber or thicker latex and they are usually textured on the palms and the fingers for additional grip. All-purpose cleaning gloves are longer than disposable and other types of gloves, as their length usually reaches the elbows, thus ensuring the most out of hand protection. Normally, all-purpose cleaning gloves can be found at easy-on-the-pocket prices, ranging from $2 to $10, depending on the brand and the quality of the material they are made from.

  • Which cleaning tasks to use them for?

– General cleaning
– Washing dishes
– Cleaning items in а bucket of water and tubs
– Cleaning with abrasive chemicals (concentrated bleach, paint strippers, oven cleaners)

Coated Fabric Gloves

They make the ideal option for cleaning projects that require precise moves. Coated fabric gloves are flexible (stretchable) and they work perfectly for protecting the hands against dangerous substances that commonly make part of the composition of cleaning products. These gloves can be frequently seen in laboratories, hospitals, and other sterile environments.

  • Which cleaning tasks to use them for?

– Cleaning with moderately concentrated chemicals


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